13:46 video

Vika is not familiar with the vore community. She just recently gets hired by Tomiko and this gets the attention of the show, "Vore and More." They give her a call and offer her $50,000 to be on their show. She can't refuse and accepts the offer. She gets pain waves to her brain and is transferred over to the show where there is an excited audience. Vika is a bit surprised, but she wants that money and decides to play along. She answers the questions that the hostess asks her. When it comes to part 2 to make her more comfortable. Items she is wearing starts disappearing much to the delight of the excited audience. She is left there with nothing but underwear on and that is when the monster worm is ordered to pounce her. She is brought to the ground and tries to fight it, but she is stuck in the hungry mouth. She struggles, but it is no use. She is slowly eaten. The interview continues much to her disbelief while she sits in the belly of the worm. She gets an attitude and asks for her money, but instead she is digested and that is the end of the show! FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, STUCK, STRUGGLING, NUDITY, LEGS, AMAZONS, BLONDES

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