22:40 video

Tomiko welcomes a guest (POV) to stay at her and her wife's (Savannah Costello) place.  He also has a pet worm.  Tomiko being the gracious hostess gives him a blow job (shot POV and implied with a dildo).  Savannah comes home and sees Tomiko and is taken by surprise.  Tomiko explains that they have guests and she is told to finish what she started.  Savannah strips and starts to give him a blow job.  Savannah realizes that Fluffy, the pet worm, will be sleeping with her and he talks!  While Tomiko is having sex (implied POV) in another room, Savannah is dealing with the worm who decides to eat her.  Tomiko hears the screams and comes into the room and sees Savannah's legs hanging out.  Savannah is pulled out and wet from being inside the worm.  The worm still decides that he will eat her and with the guest (POV) watching and making her give him a blow job (dildo) while she is eaten.  Tomiko gets eaten as well while having implied sex POV.  Savannah, Tomiko and even the POV guy all end up inside Fluffy.  The guy (POV) can't get enough and as sex with them (implied) inside the worm.  This is a pretty sexy video with some humor.  FETISH ELEMENTS: VORE, ALIENS & MONSTERS, POV SEX, POV BLOWJOB, DILDO, STUCK, STRUGGLING, NUDITY, LEGS, STOCKINGS, BLONDES, BRUNETTE, LONG HAIR, ASIAN, JAPANESE, MILF, HUMOR

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