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Unsuspecting Tomiko is the new neighbor on the block. She decides to get to know the people on her block but happens to choose the wrong house. Jack is a bartender who mixes special drinks to give to his women patrons. He sees an opportunity to try out a new one on Tomiko. She drinks the beverage and downs it. She goes from straight to a complete Tipsyen state. She starts dancing and telling bad jokes and throws her legs up on Jack's lap. She is so out there she doesn't even realize that Jack starts playing with her feet. He has a thing for sexy soles. He squishes her feet and admires the wrinkles in her soles. She gets up fast and starts dancing some more but ends up smashed up hard against the glass door and down she goes. Tomiko begins to store. Jack limp plays with her to make sure she is in dreamland and confirms she is. As she snores, he plays with her feet concentrating on her soles. He even turns her on her belly and plays with her soles some more. Her body is dragged out of the living room and intothe bedroom. Her limp body is played with some more. He squeezes her cheeks on her face and plays some more with her sexy soles. Before he stops, he takes her shorts off to reveal very sexy t-back underwear. Twelve hours later, Tomiko is back on the couch with a terrible hangover. "What happened?" She apologizes for falling resting and promises to make dinner for him once she is all settled in her home. Jack can't wait for another opportunity, and Tomiko leaves clueless to what took place. FETISH ELEMENTS: SOLES, SNORING FETISH, FOOT FETISH, FACE SQUOOSHING, LIMP FETISH, LIMP PLAY, BODY DRAGGING, SHORT SHORTS, ASIAN, JAPANESE, LONG HAIR, BRUNETTES, MIND FUCKED, DRINKING

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