17:42 video

Tomiko seductively talks to you.  She is topless with just her pantyhose and heels on.  She is going to not only tease you, but she is going to tease Fluffy, her furry monster.  She has made it to where Fluffy can't move.  She sits on his tongue and pulls out her vibrator.  She teases you by telling you that you can't have her and that you wish you can use your tongue all over her body.  She teases Fluffy as well.  She starts to vibe herself while she teases you and Fluffy at the same time.  She lets you know that she is going to cum all over Fluffy's mouth.  After she orgasms, Fluffy is able to move and he starts to eat her.  She is pushed into his mouth by you.  We see your hand (kINASSO) push her back.  You decided that you want to fuck her while she is being eaten.  Simulated by the camera, you are fucking her.  She is asking you to help her escape but you keep pleasuring yourself.  Your fucking pushes her deeper and deeper into the monster.  You have finally satisfied yourself and step away to watch her sexy legs be consumed.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, PANTYHOSE, LEGS, STUCK, ASS FETISH, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, MILF, POV SEX, POV, HIGH HEELS

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