7:04 video

Tomiko is locked in a room by the evil queen.  She sees a green apple and decides to eat it.  She sits there nude wearing only heels with her legs crossed.  She starts to feel funny.  Her biceps start to feel strong.  She flexes one then the other and notices how hard they are.  The energy surges to her legs.  She flexes her legs and calves and can't believe how hard and strong they feel.  She starts to feel very horny and notices that her pussy is starting to feel hard and powerful.  She sees a vibrator and gives herself and orgasm.  That energizes her and gives her so  much power that she can now take on the queen.  With a swollen clit from her orgasm, there is no one that can stop her now!  FETISH ELEMENTS:  BICEPS, LEGS, MUSCULAR WOMEN, MUSCULAR THIGHS, MUSCULAR CALVES, NUDITY, VIBRATOR, ORGASM, BIG CLITS, BRUNETTE, ASIAN, JAPANESE, MILF

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