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Miss Tiffany is a high-school student, who is over at Tomiko's for her vacation.  She is going to take care of Tomiko's house while Tomiko is away on business.  Miss Tiffany is dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, plaid skirt, the short, white nylon ruffled ankle socks with the red bow, and black or red heels.  At the beginning, Miss Tiffany is seated at a table,
Tomiko is standing in front of Miss Tiffany, giving her instructions on how to take care of things around her house.  One of the things she mentions is that it's a really good idea to keep your shoes on, since there is a large pet which eats schoolgirls in their socks.  Miss Tiffany has her legs crossed under her chair, and has just begun to let her heels slip out of her shoes.  She quickly slides back into them before Tomiko can notice.  After Tomiko leaves the room, Miss Tiffany looks directly at the camera and says:  "I see you down there!  Look at these pretty socks!  Aren't they sexy?"  (Holding her feet out toward the camera and using her hand to adjust the ruffles and red bows) "I bet you would just LOVE to see me take my shoes off and get eaten, wouldn't you? (Pauses and looks around)  Well, I don't see anything, do you?"  Miss Tiffany places one foot behind the other, as if she is going to kick her shoe off.  She pauses again, saying:  "Lucky for you, I just LOVE to be in danger in my SOCKS!"  She looks around one more time, and then slowly kicks her shoe off.  She holds her stocking foot very close to the camera, wiggling her toes around.  "Don't you like the way you can see my toes through the sock?  Sexy, Huh?  (Meanwhile, we can see Fluffy creeping up from behind.) Would you like to see the other one?  Yeah? (She places her socked foot behind her other one, and slowly kicks that shoe off.  She holds her stocking feet right in front of the camera, rubbing them together, making "ssss-ssss"  sounds.)  She says; "Do you like that sound?  It's SO sexy, isn't it? Here, move a little closer."  She rests her feet on the chair across from her, using it as a footstool.  The camera moves to get a better view of her stocking feet.  She smiles and winks at the camera as it changes position, and continues to wiggle her feet together, back and forth, and flex her toes.  Miss Tiffany reaches for her backpack and places it on the table, pulling out several books.  Just then, a hand reaches in from offscreen and gently tugs on one of her socks.  Miss Tiffany twitches her toes slightly but doesn't notice.  She begins opening one of her textbooks and muttering to herself.  She glances and smiles at the camera.  She says, "Still enjoying my socks, huh?"  Then she goes back to studying.  The offscreen hand comes into view again, running a finger up the sole of Miss Tiffany's sock.  Then, it grabs the toe of the sock, and tugs, hard.  This pulls the sock down several inches.  Miss Tiffany is startled, and looks under the table.  "Did you just try and take my sock off?"  Camera shakes back and forth (no).  "Well, I suppose I should put my shoes back on now, before something eats me, right?'  Camera shakes again (no).  Miss Tiffany smiles at the camera, and places her feet on top of her shoes.  The hand reaches in and tugs at her other sock.  Miss Tiffany responds by slipping her shoes back on.  Miss Tiffany then rests her feet on the opposite chair again, this time with her shoes on.  She glances at the camera, and says "Wow, you really have a SOCK problem, don't you?"  Camera moves up and down (yes).  Suddenly, TWO hands appear from offscreen.  One arm lays across Miss Tiffany's ankles, and the other reaches for the heel of one of her shoes.  She is startled, and says; "What are you DOING?"  Miss Tiffany is helpless as the hand grasps the heel of her high-heel, and slowly slips it off.  Miss Tiffany struggles against the first arm, but to no avail.  The second hand reaches in, and grasps the heel of the other shoe.  Miss Tiffany presses her socked foot against the shoe to keep it on, but it doesn't help much, as her shoe is pulled off, leaving her in her stocking feet.  The camera pans to Fluffy, who is laying still, but even closer to Tiffany than before.  The camera pans back, and Miss Tiffany is freaking out.  "You're trying to get me eaten in my socks, aren't you?"  Camera nods "yes." Miss Tiffany:  "And even after that whole sock show?"'Yes.'  The shoes are tossed just beyond Fluffy.  Miss Tiffany jumps off the chair and crawls toward her shoes, and is eaten headfirst by Fluffy.  FETISH ELEMENTS: SOCKS, VORE, ALIENS AND MONSTERS, FOOT FETISH, HIGH HEELS, STRUGGLING, POV, STUCK, LEGS, BRUNETTES         

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