28:34 video

Kimberly Marvel hacks into her husband, Barry's, email.  She is pissed to confirm that he has been seeing Tomiko.  She reads all the emails and can't wait to play out her revenge on both of them.  She made a special trip to New Orleans where she picked up this special necklace from a Voo Doo Witch.  She was told that this necklace was to be used on your enemy and that something bad would happen to the person wearing the necklace.  She sneaks into Tomiko's house and hears her talking on the phone to a girlfriend.  Tomiko plans on dumping Barry as well and can care less about the damage she might have caused to the marriage.  Kimberly confronts her but tries to play that she is not angry and offers Tomiko the necklace as a gift.  Tomiko is confused but she doesn't care!  It's a beautiful necklace!  She puts it on and starts to feel funny.  Her body slowly starts to freeze.  What the heck is going on??!  Kimberly laughs and tells her that she is out for revenge.  She manipulates Tomiko's stiff body posing her.  She even XXXX strips off her clothes until she is nude.  She removes the necklace and something funny starts to happen.  Tomiko's feet turn into gold.  She can't move her feet but the rest of her body can move.  Kimberly is amazed and puts the necklace back on Tomiko.  She freezes again and Kimberly has more fun moving her body around.  Curiosity prompts her to keep taking off the necklace and putting it back on.  Each time the necklace comes off, more of Tomiko's body starts to turn gold.  Everytime necklace goes back on, she freezes again.  It gets to a point where Tomiko completely turns into gold.  The necklace no longer comes into play.  Tomiko is now a gold statue...stiff and frozen into a statue.  Barry wants a trophy wife?  He  can marry Tomiko now that she is a gold trophy.  They can be happy together.  Kimberly laughs and starts thinking of other people she wants to get revenge on with the necklace.  FETISH ELEMENTS:  FREEZE, STATUE, TROPHY, DOLL FETISH, BODY PAINT, DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, ASIAN, JAPANESE, BRUNETTES, NUDITY, made STRIPPING, BBW, MILF, STUCK      

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